NEAUVIA Retinoids Concentrate - 30ml


NEAUVIA Retinoids Concentrate - 30ml

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NEAUVIA Retinoids Concentrate is an effective serum that accelerates skin renewal. It visibly reduces wrinkles and imperfections. A rejuvenating solution that smoothes, firms and hydrates the skin.

Aesthetic indications: skin with all visible signs of aging, enlarged pores, acne.

Product Type: serum
Main ingredients: Bioretinol, Retinaldehyde, Retinol
Product feature: moisturizing, skin regenerating, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, tightens the skin
skin type: aging skin, impure skin
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Positively influencing the signs of skin aging requires the combination of scientific knowledge from different fields. To achieve this goal, Neauvia has developed comprehensive therapy methods ("protocols"), which are supported by clinical data. They represent a combination of different "rejuvenation therapies" and offer clinically proven superior results. The Neauvia Smart Combination Therapies are based on unique expertise in integrative pro-aging research and use fillers, innovative medical devices and professional skin care. These allow doctors and users to achieve optimal results and outstanding patient satisfaction. This is what we call the NEAUVIA HOLISTIC APPROACH.

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